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Helping people discover how to lead lives with less pain.  You have a CHOICE when it comes to physical therapy, and we are here to help.


With training and fitness, many of the disabilities we work with could have been prevented.  Thus, a large part of our service is in teaching you how to stay well and safe from injury.

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At our state-of-the-art facility, we can pinpoint the precise cause of your pain and determine the treatment program necessary to alleviate your discomfort.

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Assisting athletes in enhancing their on-field performance is another hallmark of McDonald Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation Center.

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Patient Success

We strive to be your family physical therapy choice and have committed ourselves to making your “choice” the best choice!

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“Our role in the recovery process is to help you regain strength, relieve your pain, and return you to daily activities as completely and as rapidly as possible.”

- Fran McDonald, President/CEO

Our patients see results quickly!

Which often makes it possible to avoid other more invasive forms of treatment (surgery).

McDonald Patient Success Stories

  • “When I first same to McDonald Physical Therapy, I was stiff, in pain, and very weak.  I received caring and personal attention that has helped me get to where I am now.  Before therapy, I was unable to enjoy working on projects in my house.  Now, I feel stronger.  The therapists care and are willing to help.”

    ChrisMcDonald Patient
  • “When I first same to McDonald Physical Therapy, I had no energy.  I was weak, painful, and depressed.  Neringa had me do things I never thought I could do.  Now, I can do them with relative ease and less pain.  Before therapy, I was unable to walk, stand, or lie on my stomach for very long.  Now, I have much more energy.  I am able to do more things myself (cooking, cleaning, etc.).  I could not bear weight on my right leg and now I can.  I can walk with my walker much faster.  I am stronger and I feel better all around.  I will remember and treasure each day I spent with Neringa.”

    Mary JoMcDonald Patient
  • “When I first same to McDonald Physical Therapy, I had really tight shoulders and a stiff neck.  With therapy, I experienced improvement in my shoulders and neck.  Overall, my muscles were more relaxed.  The exercise routines were helpful and I also learned better posture.  I feel less tightness especially around my shoulder blades now.  Mike and Amy were great to talk to.  My most relaxing time in my week is in physical therapy with Mike and Amy.”

    XiaoboMcDonald Patient
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