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For 28 years, you’ve entrusted us with your health. Thank you!


We’ve led over 50,000 patients to recovery. That’s 1 out of every 5 people in our county.

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Don’t accept the pain. You can choose recovery.

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From NFL players to Olympic medalists to high school athletes, we’re improving your performance.

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Patient Success

We might be small, but we have a big reputation.

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“When you walk into our clinic, you’re spending the most precious gift, your time, on us. That’s why no one waits in our waiting room more than 5 minutes, and why we heal you 44% faster than other clinics.”

– Fran McDonald, President/CEO

Is it something in the water?

Why our patients heal 44% faster than others

McDonald Patient Success Stories

  • "While it is well-known in the community that McDonald PT is awesome, it was only recently that I was able to experience that for myself.  From the first encounter at the front desk, to everyone I have worked with in the gym, everything has exceeded my expectations. You have clearly ingrained a high priority on customer service, professionalism and positive attitude, and you have recruited people who share your vision for excellence. Regardless of what I must go through to get stronger every day, I always leave with a smile and I look forward to coming back. The spirit of teamwork in the gym is palpable. I just wanted to express my thanks for providing such outstanding care and service to the populations that we share. You have MUCH to be proud of."

    Carol McDonald Patient
  • "When I first came to McDonald I was having a lot of pain. I couldn't enjoy bowling, sleeping or standing due to the pain I was having. The experience I had with my therapy team was fantastic. Now that I have completed therapy I am able to do the things that were causing me discomfort. I'm very pleased. Every session was a nice experience. The staff here is knowledgeable and loads of fun to work with!"

    Tim McDonald Patient
  • "My leg was very sore, and it was difficult to daily activities like getting out of the car. My experience with my therapy team was great, I see much improvement in my pain and motion. I was unable to enjoy sporting and exercise due to my physical limitations. Now as I complete my physical therapy I feel much improved and feeling normal. Everyone was very nice and helpful, my favorite experience was that the staff was always positive and I never felt neglected or had to wait or help."

    Nancy McDonald Patient