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We’ve led over 50,000 patients to recovery. That’s 1 out of every 5 people in our county.

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From NFL players to Olympic medalists to high school athletes, we’re improving your performance.

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Patient Success

We might be small, but we have a big reputation.

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“When you walk into our clinic, you’re spending the most precious gift, your time, on us. That’s why no one waits in our waiting room more than 5 minutes, and why we heal you 44% faster than other clinics.”

– Fran McDonald, President/CEO

Is it something in the water?

Why our patients heal 44% faster than others

McDonald Patient Success Stories

  • " I was stiff, weak, immobile, scared, and in pain.  I could barely move my knee and I was afraid every movement would result in pain or that my leg would give out.  In therapy, I was listened to and I was given challenges and support.  I felt my at-home work paid off and I left every session with more confidence.  Before therapy, it was difficult to go up steps, go to events, or ride in a car for a long period of time.  I couldn’t even enjoy home life because I couldn’t get around easily.  Now, I feel more confident and I am more willing to push myself.  My knee is no longer something that will stop me.  I loved talking to my therapist and her assistants.  The staff has been helpful and understanding."    

    Suzanne McDonald Patient
  • "I had significant pain in my knees, especially the right knee, when climbing or descending stairs.  When my right knee was bent, my right knee would become extremely painful.  My therapy team was able to relax the tendons in my right knee so I can sit with my right knee bent for a long period of time.  I know exercises which stretch my tendons.  Before therapy, it was very painful to climb or descend stairs.  Normal walking was not comfortable.  Now, I am virtually pain free in most exercises and I can climb/descend stairs with minimal discomfort.  I looked forward to every PT session as I knew I would leave every day feeling better than when I arrived.  Pam and Ellen are a great team."

    David McDonald Patient
  • "I had a constant feeling of tightness and pain.  It was always on my mind and upsetting me.  My PT team constantly worked to address my needs.  We also had a lot of fun during my sessions.  Before therapy, my neck/shoulder pain hindered almost every activity I tried to do whether it was running, reading, or eating dinner with my family.  Now, I feel so much better.  My range of motion and pain levels have immensely improved and I’m confident that I will be back to 100% with a little more work on my own."

    Brent McDonald Patient