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Patient stories from McDonald Physical Therapy

Heal Like a Champion Today!

Welcome to the MPT’s testimonial page! Enjoy the comments from our Champions.

Congratulations to all of our patients who have completed their physical therapy — Champions of McDonald Physical Therapy!

  • "While it is well-known in the community that McDonald PT is awesome, it was only recently that I was able to experience that for myself.  From the first encounter at the front desk, to everyone I have worked with in the gym, everything has exceeded my expectations. You have clearly ingrained a high priority on customer service, professionalism and positive attitude, and you have recruited people who share your vision for excellence. Regardless of what I must go through to get stronger every day, I always leave with a smile and I look forward to coming back. The spirit of teamwork in the gym is palpable. I just wanted to express my thanks for providing such outstanding care and service to the populations that we share. You have MUCH to be proud of."

    Carol McDonald Patient
  • "When I first came to McDonald I was having a lot of pain. I couldn't enjoy bowling, sleeping or standing due to the pain I was having. The experience I had with my therapy team was fantastic. Now that I have completed therapy I am able to do the things that were causing me discomfort. I'm very pleased. Every session was a nice experience. The staff here is knowledgeable and loads of fun to work with!"

    Tim McDonald Patient
  • "My leg was very sore, and it was difficult to daily activities like getting out of the car. My experience with my therapy team was great, I see much improvement in my pain and motion. I was unable to enjoy sporting and exercise due to my physical limitations. Now as I complete my physical therapy I feel much improved and feeling normal. Everyone was very nice and helpful, my favorite experience was that the staff was always positive and I never felt neglected or had to wait or help."

    Nancy McDonald Patient
  • " I felt a struggle with just doing my normal daily activities.  I really needed help to heal my ankle. I experienced a very welcoming environment.  Mike and Amy helped me heal quickly.  I was unable to enjoy running, jumping, and lifting weights.  Now that I have completed therapy I feel stronger than before and more knowledgeable.  I feel like I can now prevent this injury from happening in the future.  My favorite day here was the very first visit. I felt so much relief and I knew on was on a quick path to recovery."

    Tom McDonald Patient
  • "I was having pain with walking long distances. I experienced pain relief with each therapy session.  I was unable to enjoy taking long walks and playing tennis.  As I complete my therapy I feel like I am 100% back to normal! I really enjoyed coming in for my sessions and getting to talk to the whole friendly MPT team"

    Lauren McDonald Patient
  • "I had tightness in my hamstring and neck that affected my ability to sleep. McDonald Physical Therapy helped me understand what caused my pain and how I could prevent it from returning. I was unable to enjoy golfing due to my physical limitations. Now as I complete my therapy I feel much more rested and loose. My favorite experience the generally welcoming atmosphere of the clinic."

    John McDonald Patient
  • " I was feeling pain in my neck and upper back. Sitting, writing, and reading for extended periods of time were difficult. Now as I complete my treatment I am feeling much better, and the pain is almost gone. My McDonald Physical Therapy team is great; they were so nice and kind. My favorite experience at McDonald Physical Therapy was hearing all the random stories told by the other patients. They were pretty fun!"

    Sebastian McDonald Patient
  • "I was experiencing chronic numbness, neck and back pain, and my forefinger was numb. I experienced excellent service here. I had definite improvement with traction. I had to tone down my activities like weight lifting. Now that I have completed therapy I am significantly better. I have less numbness and only occasional pain. I enjoyed the friendly yet professional atmosphere."

    Jeffrey McDonald Patient
  • " I had a dull, constant pain in my neck and limited mobility. I really struggled to sit through long classes and turn my head in certain directions. My experience with my therapy team was very good. Everyone was super friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Now that I am finished with therapy I am back to normal. I enjoyed coming in and hearing all of the fun, lively conversations."  

    Anna McDonald Patient
  • " I had a very sore lower back.  I would have sharp pain when bending or twisting at the waist. These people are a very caring group. My team was quick to offer helpful exercises and they really worked. I could tell they were genuinely interested in my well-being. I was unable to enjoy playing on the floor with my grandchildren, exercising, running, and driving on road trips.  Now as I complete therapy I am almost 100% better and I have a great outlook on the future! My favorite part about coming in was seeing how genuinely happy my team was when they could see how much I had improved.:  

    Gary McDonald Patient
  • "I had a rubbing feeling in my lower back and I was unable to enjoy walking, sleeping, and life in general. Now as I complete my physical therapy treatment I feel comfort and less pain in my lower back. My physical therapy team was caring and concerned for me. My favorite experience at McDonald Physical Therapy was when I was put on the stressed table and felt a release of pain afterwards."

    Barbara McDonald Patient
  • "I did not have a lot of pain but lacked range of motion and strength. Prior to my surgery my left arm hurt to move due to a pinched nerve. Now as I complete my treatment my neck and arms feel great and I feel so much stronger. My McDonald Physical Therapy team really make me feel welcomed each time. I have worked with Tara and Abby before and I love them. Every appointment was pleasant. The girls are just fun and make physical therapy bearable. Thank you!"

    Jeanne McDonald Patient