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Welcome to the MPT’s testimonial page! Enjoy the comments from our Champions.

Congratulations to all of our patients who have completed their physical therapy — Champions of McDonald Physical Therapy!

  • "When I first came to McDonald Physical Therapy, I was very frustrated after not making progress with another PT office. I was hopeful that by coming here, I could get stronger after my knee replacement surgery. I was unable to enjoy sitting with my legs crossed or doing any exercises on my yoga mat. Now that I’ve completed treatment, I am feeling much stronger, better about my being, and more balanced and whole. When I tested on the leg press, I was able to go from 80 pounds to 140 pounds. That was great! I also received a personal card of encouragement from Karen Abbi and Rob! The team was excellent and so reassuring. They encouraged me every step of the way. They cheered and counted for me and empathized with me. I loved this experience. Thank you so much!"

    Carolee McDonald Patient
  • " I had a lot of pain in my body. After 2 weeks of therapy I started to feel good again because the pain started going away. Now that I have completed my therapy sessions, I feel amazing and I am so happy with the result. I can’t choose a favorite memory of MPT because I enjoyed every minute that I was here. Everyone here is so kind and welcoming. I have never seen a better place. Chris is an amazing guy! Thank you all."

    Yasmin McDonald Patient
  • "I had pain and limited motion in my right shoulder, knee pain and weakness, and a previous neck problem.  I was unable to enjoy lifting, some sports, and household chores. Now as I complete my physical therapy treatment my right shoulder is much better, my neck has felt some relief from the exercises I was given, and my knees are still about the same but will continue to work out on my own. Everyone was wonderful and positive at McDonald Physical Therapy. I was impressed by the atmosphere in the workout area. It gave me hope that I could get better and stronger. My favorite memory of McDonald Physical Therapy is the teamwork spirit. Watching other patients work to get better and stronger gave me hope and encouragement that I too could get better and stronger."

    Mary Jo McDonald Patient
  • " I did not have a lot of pain but lacked range of motion and strength. Prior to my surgery my left arm hurt to move due to a pinched nerve. Now as I complete my treatment my neck and arms feel great and I feel so much stronger. My McDonald Physical Therapy team really make me feel welcomed each time. I have worked with Tara and Abby before and I love them. Every appointment was pleasant. The girls are just fun and make physical therapy bearable."

    Jeanne McDonald Patient
  • "I was feeling really bad. I was experience difficulty in sitting and bending, and it was making me unhappy. My MPT team focused on my physical therapy and overall health during my time there.  Because of my physical limitation, I had difficulty due to pain from a disc and pinched nerve issue. After having surgery, Physical Therapy became easier and I was able to develop a stronger core. I thought my Physical Therapy team was great. The concern and help that they provided was outstanding!"

    Jan McDonald Patient
  • " I was having intense pain in the back of my shoulder and the pain was radiating down my arm causing tingling in my hand. Activities like sitting, reading and driving were the most difficult prior to starting my sessions. Now that therapy is complete the tingling is almost totally gone and the pain has been minimal to non-existent at times. My experience working with the staff at MPT was very positive. I worked with three different therapists and each one was very good. MPT is such a happy place! Fran’s positive attitude trickles down to the staff. I remember most fondly the first time my pain went from a 6/7 to a 1!”."

    Lynne McDonald Patient
  • " I was in a lot of pain post-surgery  . I couldn’t walk up the stairs normally and was relieved when I as finally released to being physical therapy. Not only was walking up the stairs difficult but going to events that involved a lot of walking was hard. Now that therapy is complete I am much better! I have minimal pain and have learned exercises and stretches to help in the continuation of my recovery. Everyone I have worked with at MPT were not only helpful but created a fun and relaxed environment. I feel they all truly cared how I was feeling as well as my progress"

    Heather McDonald Patient
  • "I had a great deal of pain in my hand and wrist on my right hand. Activities like doing the dishes, laundry, painting throughout the house and picking items up off the floor were difficult. Now that therapy is complete I’m feeling better overall and I’m ready to get back to work. The team at MPT had a wide range of items to work my hand and wrist. Overall, the experience was great and helped me get back in the game. Each session was a building experience and the level of care was top notch."

    Dale McDonald Patient
  • "I was in pain and not sure what to do to help . I felt lost not knowing what to avoid and what to do to help with the pain. Since my pain was sporadic, just about any activity from sitting and reading to walking long distances caused discomfort. Now that therapy is complete I am feeling great! My pain is less frequent and my body feels a lot stronger that it did before I started. I am also more informed about my condition. I had an awesome experience working with MPT. Mary was very good at addressing my concerns and answering questions clearly as well as giving advice. Every session was enjoyable. I loved working with Mary and Shannon but if I had to pick one day I enjoyed the most it was when I was able to do the wobble board without holding on."  

    Trisha McDonald Patient
  • "I was experiencing pain in my lower leg and foot as well as numbness in my big toe. Due to the numbness in my foot I was tripping over my feet which made activities like riding my bike, yard work and gardening difficult. Now that therapy is complete I feel so much better and I no longer worry about tripping while I walk. The MPT team was very professional and made me feel very comfortable each session. Each session was good and I loved getting the stimulation treatment at the end of each session."  

    Steven McDonald Patient
  • "I felt pain whenever I stood up or walked and it made almost all activities difficult. Some of the activities I was unable to enjoy prior to starting therapy were playing sports like basketball and golf. Now that my sessions are complete I feel healthy and almost entirely pain free. I am ready to get back into my athletic lifestyle. Everyone at MPT was friendly, engaging and helpful. The best part of my sessions was the feeling of the ultrasound treatment as well as talking with Mike and Amy which was always fun"

    Logan McDonald Patient
  • "I was experiencing severe lower back pain. I was barely able to walk and I needed to use a walker. Due to my physical limitations prior to starting therapy I was unable to enjoy walking and swimming. Now that therapy is complete I’m feeling good. I feel stronger and I have more stamina, core strength and endurance. Working with the team at MPT was fantastic. The professionalism, friendly faces and knowledgeable staff were great. Each session was great and the entire team was always so pleasant. "

    Laura McDonald Patient
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