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Patient stories from McDonald Physical Therapy

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Welcome to the MPT’s testimonial page! Enjoy the comments from our Champions.

Congratulations to all of our patients who have completed their physical therapy — Champions of McDonald Physical Therapy!

  • " I was concerned that I had permanent damage due to physical trauma from a hit and run car crash of which I was the victim. I was unable to help friends move and help my parents around the house. Work was painful by the end of the day. Laying down for bed or trying to relax was painful. Driving was challenging due to my neck pain. Now as I complete my physical therapy treatment I have some tightness in my neck but most, if not all, of the pain has subsided or is at least managed. I will continue the exercises per my therapist’s instructions to maintain my pain management. At McDonald Physical Therapy I experienced a thorough examination and was given a set of exercises that my team believed would target the source of my pain. They walked me through each exercise session and hooked me up to electrical stimulation. I truly enjoyed each day at McDonald Physical Therapy. The staff was flexible and understanding. They made me laugh and genuinely appeared to enjoy what they do."

    Matt McDonald Patient
  • " I felt off balance a lot and like I was going to fall at any time. I had fallen a couple times before and had caught myself several times preventing falls. I was unable to easily walk up and down steps while carrying things because I always had to have one hand free to balance myself. It was easier to ask someone else to carry things for me. Now as I complete my physical therapy treatment I feel much less tenuous while lifting things. Stairs are better and I have even started carrying things myself (my daughter is thrilled!). With the physical therapy I began to feel improvement pretty quickly. My strength and balance have both improved. It has been a pleasure working with Mary. Her enthusiasm, support, and expertise added to my positive response to the physical therapy."

    Jan McDonald Patient
  • "I had a sore and painful shoulder for years and was considering surgery. Due to my physical limitation I was unable to enjoy playing golf, going to the gym, and doing yard work. Now as I complete my treatment I feel significantly better and have exceeded my expectations. I have made great progress with my shoulder being 80-85%. I have no pain functioning and put surgery on a definite hold. My McDonald Physical Therapy team provided excellent treatment. My favorite experiences at McDonald Physical Therapy are the great people and excellent process for treatment and progression. Pam and Shannon were outstanding!"

    John McDonald Patient
  • " I physically, emotionally, and spiritually felt like crap. I couldn’t walk and was only a few weeks post op. I was not feeling good about my injury at all! Every day activities seemed to be out of reach in the scope of my injury. Now as I complete my treatment I feel great! My McDonald Physical Therapy team was understanding, patient, and willing to work with me through my whole experience. I have had six months of great memories at McDonald Physical Therapy, there are too many to name!"

    Wayne McDonald Patient
  • " I felt terrible. I had wrist, shoulder, hip, leg, and back pain. I could barely raise my arms over my head and it was hard to move. I could not get down on the floor to play with my grandkids too well. I could not fasten clothing behind my back or sit in the car very long without pain. After my last session of physical therapy I could raise my arms above my head completely and had no back pain. I still have pain in my wrist at times but it is better. My McDonald Physical Therapy team, Mike, Amy, Tara, and Abby, was great. Mike set up an exercise program for me and really explained things to me. I could really see and felt that they cared. I had a wonderful experience coming to McDonald Physical Therapy and knowing that they cared about helping me get better! It is a great place to come to and I would definitely recommend McDonald Physical Therapy."

    Sharon McDonald Patient
  • " I did not have a lot of pain but lacked range of motion and strength. Prior to my surgery my left arm hurt to move due to a pinched nerve. Now as I complete my treatment my neck and arms feel great and I feel so much stronger. My McDonald Physical Therapy team really make me feel welcomed each time. I have worked with Tara and Abby before and I love them. Every appointment was pleasant. The girls are just fun and make physical therapy bearable. Thank you!"

    Jeannne McDonald Patient
  • "I could do most normal activities without pain, but I was guarding to prevent pain by avoiding twisting motions. Now as I complete my treatment I have made a lot of progress and can twist backwards, to the left, and to the right. I still have some tenderness in T8-L1 and slight stiffness upon twisting, but no acute pain. My favorite experience at McDonald Physical Therapy was the coworkers and the care and treatment from Ken"

    Timothy McDonald Patient
  • " I felt apprehensive. Due to my physical limitation I struggled with core stability exercises with the body blade. Now as I complete my treatment I feel confident. I now know my max weight for deadlifts and can continue to progress on my own. My McDonald Physical Therapy team was compassionate and always had a listening ear. I experienced great coaching and challenges to get my better each day. My favorite memory at McDonald Physical Therapy was sweating after maxing out in squats while performing my FMS test."

    Brittney McDonald Patient
  • " I was nervous about hurting and being in pain, but those fears didn’t end up happening. As I complete my physical therapy treatment I am feeling great and pleased with my progress with the strength in my hip I have gained since my surgery. I felt positive encouragement from my McDonald Physical Therapy team and benefited from their knowledge to move me on to new exercises and equipment as I got stronger. I enjoyed working and talking with all of my team members."  

    Darlene McDonald Patient
  • "I have to admit that I did not want to go to physical therapy. I just did not see how it would help my knee pain, but my brother talked me into giving it a chance. Due to my physical limitation I was unable to climb stairs, bear weight, and exercise without pain. Now as I complete my physical therapy treatment I feel strong. I still have some arthritic pain but now I can climb stairs, bear weight, and exercise pain free. I love the McDonald Physical Therapy team. They are a lot of fun and very attentive. My favorite memory was the day we all exchanged baby puppy pictures. I also can’t wait to try Tara’s tomato pie recipe."  

    Deb McDonald Patient
  • "My knees were aching and causing problems with my ability to perform even basic exercises like walking and biking.  I was unable to enjoy running and most exercises that put a lot of pressure on my knees. My knees would ache so much sometimes that walking would hurt. As I complete my physical therapy treatment I am much more comfortable performing exercises I did before the injury and my knees aren’t noticeably irritated all of the time. I appreciated that my McDonald Physical Therapy team listened to my concerns and adapted the exercises in therapy to what I was experiencing at the time. I really appreciated the constant positivity and friendly energy at McDonald Physical Therapy. The banter between Mike and Amy is hysterical! They are pretty cool."

    Rachel McDonald Patient
  • "I was in a great deal of pain. I could not sleep through the night without major pain meds. It was hard to pick up my kids, it hurt to drive longer than a few minutes; it hurt to do a lot of household everyday chores and parenting stuff. Now as I complete my physical therapy treatment I have regained full function. I have no real pain and am more knowledgeable about how to stay healthy at home. My McDonald Physical Therapy team was very friendly and flexible with their scheduling. They had great advice and gave me great exercises to do at home. My favorite memories at McDonald Physical Therapy were enjoying spontaneous conversations with the staff and other patients."

    Kate McDonald Patient