Supply Store

List of products available for purchase on-site at McDonald PT.

Please speak with a staff member if you would like to purchase an item.

Product Cost
Bio Freeze Roll-on  BIO FREEZE ROLL ON (3 oz) $9.00
Biofreeze Gel  BIO FREEZE GEL (4 oz) $9.00
Book - Treat Your Own Neck  BOOK-TREAT YOUR OWN NECK $9.00
Book -Treat Your Own Back  BOOK-TREAT YOUR OWN BACK $10.00
Brown Tape (Leukotape)  BROWN TAPE $11.00
Cervical Cold Pack  CERVICAL COLD PACK $23.00
Cervical Heat Pack  CERVICAL HEAT PACK $19.00
Cervical Home Traction Unit  CERVICAL HOME TRACTION UNIT $22.00
Foam Roll (full)  FOAM ROLLS – FULL $22.00
Foam Roll (half)  FOAM ROLLS – HALF $11.00
McKenzie Cervical Roll  MCKENZIE CERVICAL ROLL $19.00
McKenzie Super Roll  MCKENZIE SUPER ROLL $30.00
McKenzie Original Lumbar Roll  ORIGINAL MCKENZIE LUMBAR ROLL $23.00
Pulley  PULLEY $12.00
Standard Cold Pack  STANDARD COLD PACK $22.00
Standard Heat Pack  STANDARD HOT PACK $18.00
Stretch Out Strap  STRETCH OUT STRAP $19.00
DSC_0829 SWISS BALL- 36 cm $39.00
Tens Unit Pads -Small  TENS UNIT PADS – SMALL $5.00
Tens Unit Pads -Medium  TENS U NIT PADS – MEDIUM $6.00
Tens Unit Pads -Large  TENS UNIT PADS – LARGE $5.00
Tens Unit  TENS UNIT $71.00
Theracane  THERACANE $45.00
White Tape  WHITE TAPE $14.00
Wooden Board  WOODEN BOARD $40.00
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